All Natural Mini Soap Hearts - Handmade

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30 Mini Heart Soaps :)

These mini heart shaped all natural bar soaps are a confetti sprinkle of cold processed happiness. Made with skin loving natural oils, their rich fragrance and gentle, silky lather are sure to please.

Planning for a wedding? A bridal shower? A party? These are also good as guests soaps or for your Airbnb.
Some of the available hearts will be darker colors.

The heart shaped mini soaps arrive in a butcher paper bundle and ready for you to package or wrap as needed for your event.

They are beautifully scented with my own pure essential oil blend.

The colors and scents I have on hand may vary. The number of colors may also vary. Sometimes I have two colors cured. Other times I have 5 or 7 different colors.

*Beautifully scented
*Cold processed
*No artificial colors or scents
*Ph balanced
*Eco friendly
*Net wt. .25 oz each
*Each heart 1.15x1.1x.5 inches

They are rich shea butter and cocoa butter soaps which create a fluffy, silky lather when used. I scent them with pure essential oils and color them with clays and natural botanicals. I cure them for 6 weeks, and I love making them because as they cure, the whole house smells just heavenly. :)

Thanks for taking a look! :)

**No formaldehyde, glycols, nitrosamines, nitrates, sulfur compounds, phenol, Isopropyl Alcohol, BHT, DEA, Triclosan, cresol, artificial fragrances or colors**

My soaps are made by the cold process method with only high quality oils, food grade lye, natural botanicals, and pure essential oils. They are all palm oil free.

Soaps may contain the following:
Saponified oils of olive, coconut, shea, cocoa butter, and/or castor
Distilled water
Macadamia nut oil
Castor oil
Pure essential oils
Clays and natural botanicals

*This product is made by hand in a real home where tree nuts, wheat products, and other such foods are prepared. Please keep this in mind if you have allergies.*